Business Solutions

Our business solution library consists of hand-picked, products, managed services and app to help your business grow.

Products & Services are designed to help your business expand its operations using trusted and reliable service solutions from providers such as Microsoft.

Our Business Central Apps help extend the core capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV, add functionality for Australian requirements, and implement industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, food services, and more. They’re an easy and cost effective way to enhance your business operations. You can also view our Business Central apps on Microsoft AppSource.


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Advanced Document Approvals

Advanced Document Approvals gives you the ability to set different approval limits for users, based on any combination of Vendor/Customer/Item/Item Group and G/L Account. It also allows you to setup Leave Calendars to record absences in advance and re-route approvals.

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Block Negative Inventory

A setting is added per Location to block posting transactions that would result in negative inventory. Individual users can be allowed to ignore this blockage but all other users will encounter a preventative error.

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Automate BPAY into your business. Export/import BPAY files compatible with major Australian Banks.

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Cash Flow Statement

The Cash Flow Statement is an extension of the Cash Flow Forecast functionality. It allows users to generate the actual cash flow statement based on historical transactions.

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Cloud Companion

Cloud Companion is a suite of utilities that lets you bridge your on-premises environment to hosted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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DIFOT Reporting

This granule records, against each Shipment and Receipt, and each individual Shipment and Receipt line, whether it was Delivered In Full and On Time (DIFOT).

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EasyDispatch scheduling vehicles worldwide.


EasyDispatch is a real-time, visual drag and drop dispatching solution that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV and enwis. Visual Scheduling See

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Field Security+

Lock-down fields across your system with Field Security. Prevent accidental changes, protect sensitive data, and highlight must-have fields.

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Foundation is the core of the Fenwick Gold suite, with over fifty enhancements that make Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV more useful for Australian companies. Drawing on over fifteen years of experience in implementing Business Central and NAV, Foundation saves time and money by including in one standard package all the minor changes commonly requested by our clients.

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Fusion is the Dynamics Business Central to talk EDI with your suppliers. Accredited with Coles, Woolworths, Kmart and many other suppliers.

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Used by truck drivers on the job, MobileWaste creates an end to end solution which handles all data entry for waste jobs.

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Multiple Entity Operations

Multiple Entity Operations (also known as MEO) allow you to maintain multiple Legal Entities within a single NAV Company. This makes inter-company transactions much simpler, and saves you duplicating setup of multiple NAV Company files.

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Pack-It streamlines the dispatching process by giving you an easy way to pack items and prepare them for delivery.

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Pallet Management

Add pallet control to your warehouse with improved traceability and simpler management of serialised cartons. The app works by adding a Pallet entity to your

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Accept Credit Card payments from within Dynamics 365 Business Central using our connector for Stripe.

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Payfocus provides a directly integrated payroll system to manage and calculate wages for employees. It handles all time, attendance and processing needs.

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Power BI Gold for Sales

Gain insight into your Business Central sales data. Data is exposed using the Item Sales Report which allows you to build your own sales reports in a drag and drop environment.

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Production Scheduler

Production Scheduler provides a single screen for managing and scheduling all your manufacturing operations. Your Production Supervisor can sequence and group the orders as well as change dates and other information.

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The rebates granule allows you to setup and record rebate calculations in the same way that NAV allows you to setup Sales Prices. Rebate amounts are calculated and stored against each sale, and are then available for reporting with Advanced Analysis Reports.

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Receivables/Payables Management

Streamlines receivables and payables process by providing an on-screen overview of outstanding accounts. Amounts owing are split into user-defined aging buckets. Statements and outstanding invoices can be resent using this granule.

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Ship-It provides a one stop shop for choosing an appropriate carrier. It streamlines the dispatching procedure and gives clients an easy way to deliver items.

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SMS Integrator

Send and receive SMS Notifications directly from Dynamics NAV and your customers and contacts. Easily integrates into existing workflows and processes.

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Street Name Accelerator

Street Name Accelerator simplifies the entry of addresses. It looks up a street database to verify the Street name, Suburb and Postcode. This ensures all your addresses are correct and consistent.

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We value long-term relationships. Ongoing support services for your Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV system is a fundamental part of our offering. Our

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Support in Australia

We’re an Australian-based partner providing support to both local and international companies running Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV or Navision systems.  We support clients across

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