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Dimensions are the recommended way to develop reporting structures in Business Central and Dynamics NAV, as they are deeply integrated in the systems reporting features.

However, out of the box does not provide a facility to update historical dimension data when master data is reclassified between dimensions. This granule provides batch routines for simply updating the dimensions on posted documents, ledger entries and analysis views to match the current dimension assigned to master data.

Furthermore, the granule allows you to update dimension against a single posted document to fix an error, without having to reverse and redo the whole transaction.

Ledger-based reporting such as Analysis Reports, Account Schedules and Analysis by Dimensions use dimension data to group and segment transactions.

If dimension classifications change, reporting on recent transactions versus older transaction becomes inconsistent and the reporting becomes less useful. With the ability to update historical data quickly and simply, you can rely on your reports to reflect the most up to date reporting structures being used.

Additionally, with the ability to fix dimensions on individual documents, it is easier than ever to maintain high data quality standards for accurate reports.