Fusion is fully integrated EDI solution for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. It provides an efficient means of exchanging standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) business documents between you and your customers.

It provides:

  • Fully automated import/export of standard documents
  • Scan Packing – Seamless integration with barcode scanners
  • Unlimited number of Trading Partners
  • GS1 compliant SSCC Labels

Automation of business documents

Electronic Data Interchange gives you the ability to fully automate the import/export of Purchase Orders, POAs, POCs, ASNs and Electronic Invoicing (eInvoices). The Interface Controller shows you the status of each import/export and, if an error occurs, staff can be notified via email. You can also configure the time interval for sending and receiving documents; for example, you may choose to do this twice a day, or every thirty seconds.

EDI without the middleware

Skip the third-party middleware between you and your EDI orders. EDI Fusion is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV so you have a high control over the processing of your EDI documents.

Tried and tested with certified trading partners

Works with major Australian companies out-of-the-box.

Automatic SSCC Labels

All barcode fonts used within EDI Fusion are GS1 compliant. Whenever a SSCC label is required, it will pass accreditation with your customers and suppliers. EDI allows you to specify the number of labels you would like printed out for each item, as well as giving you the option to reprint labels at any time.

Scan Packing

EDI can be configured to enable scan packing of Inventory Picks and Sales Orders. After you’ve scanned a particular item, the system will take care of the rest by adjusting stock levels, printing SSCC labels and sending the necessary documents to your customers and suppliers.

The Scan Packing module is an integrated RF warehouse scanning option based on a Windows Mobile or Android device. This can be a standalone solution or integrated with full warehouse scanning using Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS.

Unlimited EDI trading partners

EDI Fusion can be set up with as many Trading Partners as required.

Each Trading Partner can be configured independently, e.g. scan packing of inventory for orders, or SSCC label printing