Streamlined solution for a complex supply chain challenge

The KeepCup is the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup, designed to replace disposable cups. It’s the brainchild of Melbourne lawyer and entrepreneur Abigail Forsyth who, unimpressed and uninspired by the design of reusable cups on the market, decided to develop her own product with brother Jamie Forsyth. First sold in June 2009, KeepCup has rocketed to international success. More than 800,000 cups have been sold, saving more than 250 million disposable cups in just two years.

The business challenge

KeepCup currently has companies in Australia (head office), the United States and the United Kingdom, and with global aspirations is likely to further expand its operations and distribution. With four core products, there are literally 250,000 combinations for configuring a cup, include the colour of the cup, lid and band and custom printing. With around 20,000 customers globally, this adds up to a very complex supply challenge.

Fenwick Software’s Solution

Fenwick Software was able to deliver the high level flexibility required by KeepCup, and support the long term needs of the rapidly growing business.

  • Able to handle multi-country and multi-currency demands
  • Simple customisations
  • Ability to streamline supply chain
  • Time saving
  • Reliable data collection
  • Orders go straight into NAV

If you would like to see how Fenwick Software can help you achieve similar results in your organisation, simply download the case study or contact our office for a business requirements discussion.