FTA Food Solutions

Electronic interfaces produce economic benefits for FTA

Sister companies FTA Food Solutions and Ward McKenzie have been supplying Australia’s foodservice and food retailing industries since 1852 when Helen Ward and Lynne Burgess’ great great grandparents, Frances and William Ward, founded the business. Still entirely family owned, these businesses work closely together: FTA Food Solutions imports and sources locally produced food products and a huge range of ingredients from around the world, and provides logistics solutions to the food industry; Ward McKenzie manufactures the famous McKenzie’s brand of consumer goods, including baking products, herbs and spices, desserts and cereals.

The Business Challenge

In 2007, FTA and Ward McKenzie went live with Microsoft Navision. Partnering with Fenwick Software, they replaced their 10-year-old Sybiz platform with a new solution that was highly configurable and could handle all major business processes from purchasing and sales to inventory and financials.

As the companies’ growth continued, their demands grew for greater automation, more precise inventory control, electronic data interchange (EDI) with major clients, improved warehousing and third party logistics and more sophisticated shipping and customs solutions.


The Fenwick Solution

NAV’s high degree of functionality and flexibility enabled Fenwick Software to develop six interfaces that could deliver significant benefits through automation, improved stock controls and much greater accuracy across a vast number of transactions.


Duplicate data entry has been virtually eliminated, resulting in new levels of accuracy, greater consistency in order prices and more accurate stock reporting. User errors have been reduced, and it’s estimated that around 60 workdays of data entry are being saved annually.

FTA now has much better control over thousands of products and client orders, and EDI has been successfully introduced with major clients including Woolworths and Coles. Real time information is available on everything from containers on the high seas to the free space in a container that’s about to transfer goods interstate from one warehouse to another.

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