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Your business will naturally change over time. Your system will need to change and upgrade to keep up with these changes.

Safe, efficient upgrades

Microsoft continues to innovate and update Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Each major release includes performance improvements and new functionality. Your company will benefit from the innovations as they’re released.

Whether you’re still using Navision or Dynamics NAV, you can still move to Business Central to get the most from the latest version of the system.

The upgrade process

Reliable upgrades are easy with our services. We work hard to minimise disruption and keep you up to date.

Confirm your existing setup

We’ll install hardware or software as necessary. Next, a workshop determines which modifications are needed and which are obsolete. We also review any new products or add-ons.


We tidy up your modifications, so that only the relevant pieces are running. We merge existing customised elements and ensure they work with the new version.


Our team works with your staff to test your upgrade. We check that system still functions as required. We check that data has transferred successfully, then test the database on any new or upgraded infrastructure.

Go-live Preparation

We confirm all results before going live. We provide training for any new functionality and make sure everyone is happy with their understanding.

Cutover and Go-live

Cutover is the process of moving from your existing system onto the new version. During the cutover, we minimise downtime, which is determined during the testing phase. Where possible, we make sure the cutover happens overnight or over the weekend. Our consultants will be on site for support during the first few days of going live.

See the benefits of the latest release of Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV. Find out how easy it is to update your system.