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To ensure the effective and successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV, our consulting team works closely with your personnel through every aspect of analysis, design, testing, training and roll-out.

We identify the needs and operations specific to your business and attenuate Business Central accordingly to ensure its relevance as your business changes and grows.

Collaboration – The Key to Success

More than 100,000 businesses use Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV worldwide.

Every single one has provided feedback that has shaped its development, which means the world’s best practice and invaluable intellectual property have informed and refined its design.

Additionally, Fenwick Software consultants have worked closely with the product since 1998, equipping them with unparalleled understanding of this highly refined product and its unique capabilities.

Three blue circles overlapping slightly with text in each: Your understanding of your business; Our Systems Expertise; Best practice in Business Central

While Fenwick best understands the product, you best understand your business. Your knowledge of how your company actually works is crucial to the success and efficiency of the solution.

In turn, Fenwick can engage and inspire your staff to think about ways to improve and streamline your processes, increasing the efficiency – and therefore profitability – of your company. It’s this aspect of your Fenwick Partnership that proves invaluable as your business and its processes develop.

Thorough Analysis

Fenwick facilitates a series of business process analysis and design workshops with your staff to examine processes, map them onto the features provided by the software, and design the best solution for your company.

A Day in the Life

We conduct a series of pilot sessions with your staff to simulate a "day in the life" of your business from start to finish, to ensure all processes and requirements are catered for.

Helpful Training

Rather than overwhelm staff with information in one session, we provide practical hands-on training that is directly relevant to the daily duties of each individual.

Effective Project Management

Identifying risks, planning contingencies, defining all roles and responsibilities, and articulating success criteria are all vital to success. Every project is thoroughly planned with regular status reports on our project collaboration web site, to keep you informed and in control of the whole process.

Hands-on Support

To alleviate the stress that transitioning to a new system may bring, our consulting team can remain on-site to support your staff as they become comfortable, confident, productive users of the new system.

Continuing Support

You can rely on day-to-day ongoing support services, including:

  • Access to our online help desk support
  • On-site support
  • Comprehensive training
  • Upgrades to the latest versions of your software

Consulting Advice

Just as the business landscape will change, so may your system requirements. As an integral part of our ERP implementation service, we continue to adapt your systems to changing requirements, and implement relevant Apps in new areas of the business where necessary. Our consulting advice ensures your software keeps up with your operations, and vice versa.