About Us

Fenwick is a unique consultancy. We march to a different beat than most of our competitors. The culture of the firm is to create great opportunities for each individual member of staff to thrive. We facilitate autonomy, creativity, responsibility and growth. Our organization structure is a supportive framework of interlocking, non-hierarchical relationships. All this helps us to deliver better value for our clients.

Established in 1976, the firm has had many years to refine this culture; to build relationships with its staff, clients and suppliers; to develop its methodologies for the sale and delivery of its services; and to run its business in a consistently profitable way. There is great stability: in any year, most of our revenue comes from existing clients; our employees’ average length of service is nearly 10 years.

  • Our Board

    Having good direction and oversight is important for a company to grow and prosper. The Fenwick board of directors concentrates on the company’s strategic direction, its corporate citizenship, and its legal and regulatory compliance.

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  • Consulting Team

    We pride ourselves on the loyalty of our staff, reflected in their length of service with the company. We are committed to finding and keeping good people; this benefits both our company and our clients, who can then enjoy a long term relationship with staff who have developed an in-depth understanding of their business.

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The emphasis of our work for you is to produce long-term business benefits.

Our aim is to become your trusted advisors; to build enduring relationships for our mutual benefit. We aim to provide you with a degree of certainty when dealing with us. Specifically, this concerns the accuracy of the brief, the timeliness of delivery and the certainty of cost. Supplying and implementing software is not an end in itself; it is the means of achieving our aim of improving your business procedures and delivering business benefits.

Graduate Trainee Program

In 2000, as an integral part of our commitment to quality staffing, we embarked upon a graduate trainee program which provides sponsorships to promising students. Fenwick Software is a sponsor of the top IT program through Swinburne University, providing a sponsorship fee and five months’ work experience each year for at least two promising students. This gives us the ability to select from continuous flow of outstanding Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) graduates.

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