Our Story

We provide IT solutions to small to medium sized companies across Australia.

Over the last 40 years, we have evolved from custom systems in COBOL and Pick to package solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We build systems tailored to your unique business requirements based on the Business Central platform.

Our focus is long-term. We aim to provide you with effective systems now and to work collaboratively with you to keep your systems relevant as your business grows.

History and Vision

Peter Fenwick founded Fenwick Software in 1976. His vision was to build the perfect consultancy. He engaged good people and gave them the freedom to thrive encouraging autonomy, creativity, responsibility, growth, and the freedom to experiment with new ideas. Thanks to this approach, his dynamic team could provide innovative systems more efficiently.

Critically, his company’s ethos was never limited to implementation. Peter knew that a foundation of trust and support would benefit his clients and their systems best.

Culture of Service

Over four decades, we’ve refined our culture and methodologies. Today we pride ourselves in providing a personal, solution-based service that extends well beyond the initial sale. Our hands-on implementation is complemented by continuous on-site and off-site support.

In any given year, our revenue comes chiefly from existing clients. Most of them were referred by word-of-mouth; clients frequently recommend our approach. We nurture their trust by providing exceptional service and value and have the honesty and integrity to “speak up” if we believe our services aren’t an adequate fit.

We invest in our team. Our emphasis is on building strong internal relationships. For our close-knit team, the average length of service is close to 10 years.