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With the release of Dynamics NAV 2016, the options available for Cloud-based solutions are even better.

License Cost

The initial licence cost of an On-Premise solution can be quite a significant investment when first starting out with NAV. Fenwick Cloud alleviates this by incorporating the NAV licence cost into a simple per named user cost. This has the added benefit of including maintenance costs as well.


Azure is the backbone of Fenwick Cloud. Dynamics NAV works best with the Microsoft ecosystem, and works reliably with Microsoft SQL Server and the latest Microsoft Windows Server.


The Fenwick Cloud Platform is hosted within Australia. Your data is located in the same region as your users. This means access to your data is quicker, and doesn’t require connections to locations around the world.


Whether you’re moving to the cloud, or starting fresh, you can still use enhancements and add-ons for Dynamics NAV. The Fenwick Gold foundation takes advantage of our years of software development experience to form a reliable NAV base which runs natively on the Fenwick Cloud platform.


You don’t need a server room. There’s no need to manage server hardware, Windows Server licensing, SQL Server licensing costs, or even electricity from running a server 24/7!


As you grow, the system grows with you. It’s scalable to provide more or less performance depending on how much you use the system. This means you’re always running at peak performance, no matter if it’s 1 or 100 users.

Synergy (Office 365)

Dynamics NAV integrates seamlessly with Office 365. Use the same logins, and same passwords!

This means you no longer need to commission a Domain on your network — this is great for smaller businesses that don’t need the overhead of managing extra server infrastructure.


Your system is secure, and only accessible by you and your users. Running NAV on Fenwick Cloud comes with layers of physical and digital security. The platform infrastructure is running in a Tier-3 data center with annual independent audits ensuring compliance with international standards.


Backups are in-built into the service with 35 days, point-in-time restore for your NAV database. This is native to the platform, so you no longer need to cycle backup tapes, external drives or worry about whether they’re even running or not!

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