Meet the Team

Greg Galloway

After working as a consultant at Fenwick Software for five years, Greg was appointed CEO in October 2011. Greg has a unique sense of judgment – he takes complex problems about technology or people and develops sensible, enduring solutions quickly. He has a diverse set of expertise within Enterprise Resource Planning and Information Technology. His skills have been refined through international experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Panacea in the UK, and through management training at INSEAD in France.

Chris Johnstone

Chris is a Chartered Accountant and is the company’s Finance & Commercial Manager. He is responsible for the Fenwick’s finance and accounting operations. Chris also manages commercial relationships with customers and suppliers.

Leanne Merrett

Leanne is the voice of Fenwick on the phone and the friendly person who greets and looks after our guests. She also looks after the accounts and all manner of tasks that keep the wheels of the company moving smoothly.

David Love

David manages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations. He specialises in upgrade projects across many industries including: manufacturing and waste management. David is passionate about creating solutions where clients gain the most from IT investment.

Brad Foot

Brad is the Product Manager for the Fenwick Gold suite of granules that provide additional functionality to Business Central. Brad is a perfectionist. He ensures standards are set and quality work is delivered to our clients. He is also a passionate supporter of the Geelong Football Club.

Tyrone Roberts

Tyrone has completed Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations for clients of varying sizes but he has become something of a specialist at implementing Business Central for small and medium size clients utilising the rapid implementation methodology.

Maureen Shaw

Maureen has been working with Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV since 2001. She is highly experienced in implementing and supporting Business Central, encompassing areas such as Financials, Logistics and Manufacturing.

Narada Ellis

Narada is a guru in the development of custom software integrating with Dynamics 365 Business Central, using ASP.NET, SQL Server and Javascript. Two of the significant systems that Narada has developed are: an in-vehicle system he designed and wrote for waste bin collection, and the web-based job scheduling tool, EasyDispatch.

Jennifer Carter

Jen started working with Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV in 2008 and worked in the UK both as a consultant and in a support role for Russian, Hungarian and Spanish installations. Back in Australia Jennifer worked on a nine month Dynamics project in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne. Jennifer enjoys solving problems and providing useful and stable solutions that deliver customer benefits.

Jake Edwards

Jake designs solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central based systems and directs Fenwick Gold development. The Fenwick Cloud platform is his pride and joy, with a strong interest in Azure and SaaS. He has a background in programming and web development. Jake built Fenwick’s website.

Andrew Lang

Andrew specialises in inventory and warehouse management solutions. He leads Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations and manages EDI Fusion. In May 2019, Andrew returned to Brisbane to open Fenwick’s first interstate branch. Andrew enjoys the supportive environment of working in a team, and the strong relationships built working closely with colleagues and clients.

Adam Waycott

Adam’s brief is to ensure that the company’s projects run smoothly and are successful, producing the required business benefits for clients. Adam brings a wealth of IT and ICT project delivery experience from the retail, defence and telecommunications industries.

Atish Malla

Atish leads major Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation projects. He holds a wealth of experience in waste management, manufacturing, distribution, financials and reporting. Atish works closely with product add-ons such as enwis and Payroll. Passionate about the client business process, Atish looks beyond installing a system, and strives for overall business improvement.

Somnia Meng

Somnia primarily works on the customisation for Business Central clients as part of Client Development Team. Somnia is constantly amazed by the power of Business Central and has a particular interest in the possibilities within that can help clients with their business process.

Ryan Mortimer

Ryan has been involved the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as well as the development of Fenwick Gold granules. Ryan’s experience has centered on clients in the manufacturing industry. Ryan previously pursued a career as a chef where he spent time on work experience under Ben Shewry, at the well renowned restaurant Attica.

Jesse Clarnette

Jesse is primarily involved with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation projects. He is product manager for Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS and specialises in warehouse management and food services. Jesse doesn’t just implement a new system, he brings a unique, hands-on approach with clients that results in long lasting relationships.

Jack Zhang

Jack performs implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and develops Fenwick Gold granules. He specializes in warehouse management as the product manager for Fenwick’s internal solution for Mobile WMS. Jack enjoys designing creative yet simple solutions to complex problems.

Nathan Gorga

Nathan performs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations and is the product manager of Power BI and its Fenwick Gold granule. Nathan has a natural ability in manipulating data to best improve business decision making.

Matt Rowell

Matt is involved in the enhancement of Dynamics 365 Business Central for new client implementations as well as providing support services to existing clients. Matt has a keen interest in streamlining processes to make them as efficient as possible.

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca is primarily involved in development of our waste management & recycling product – enwis Gold, as well as supporting Dynamics 365 Business Central clients. Before joining the team Rebecca gained experience in web development, and is especially proficient in the Java and Python programming languages.

Nathan Oakley

Nathan leads Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations and is the product manager for our payroll Payfocus solution and Fenwick Payroll Gold. Nathan also executes and supports the enwis product for the waste and recycling industry. Nathan enjoys forming genuine connections with clients across a variety of industries.

Julian Teo

Originally from Singapore, Julian has worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 2000. Julian is involved in implementations and enhancements of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, specializing in inventory management and payroll.

Aaron Tsao

Aaron implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He enjoys using his skills and knowledge of the system to deliver solutions to add value to clients’ businesses. As part of the Cloud team, he also manages the deployments and maintenance of our hosted NAV solutions.

Juerg Stolz

Juerg has been a consultant with Fenwick since 1978. His primary areas of experience and expertise are manufacturing and accounting systems. He provides ongoing support and enhancement services to Fenwick Software’s MANAGE 2000 clients located in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Tushar Jaitly

Tushar has experience working with ERP and CRM systems in India, the Middle East and Australia. At Fenwick Tushar works with implementation and enhancement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He has a broad range of technical and business systems expertise and enjoys working with clients.

Frank Cho

Frank works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and maintains Fenwick products such as MobileWaste. Frank enjoys developing automated solutions from manual processes to increase efficiency in the workplace.

Yusheng Shu

Yusheng works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and develops Apps for the Fenwick Gold suite of solutions. He enjoys exploring the new possibilities and methods of this process.

Brendan Scott

Brendan works closely with small to medium sized manufacturers, food processors and warehouses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He is particularly interested in fostering positive working relationships throughout the implementation cycle.

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan is involved in developing extensions for Fenwick Gold solutions, and enhancing functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He has a passion for mobile app development, and how data is visualised and displayed to the end users.

Shawn Chung

Originally from Mauritius, Shawn moved to Melbourne in 2015. At Fenwick Shawn works with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting team. He has a keen interest in how data is reported upon to improve business potential. Shawn is fluent in three languages, one being French!

Abhishek Venkataraman

Originally from India, Abhishek worked as a Dynamics NAV consultant for 3 years before moving to Melbourne in 2017.  At Fenwick Abhishek specialises in developing extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Abhishek enjoys real world physics modelling and image processing.

Johnathan Gonzalez

Johnathan is a part of the newly established Brisbane office, to aid in the support and expansion of Fenwick. He is primarily focused on ongoing client support and implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Johnathan has an interest in programming web-based technologies and cloud architecture.

Luke Yeh

Luke is a part of the newly introduced Brisbane office. He works in implementations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and provides support to existing clients. Luke thrives working in a team, and loves building long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.

Evan Boutsiavaras

Evan joined as an IBL student and is currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at Swinburne University. Evan works on implementation projects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and development of Fenwick Gold products. He also provides assistance for our client base. Evan loves the more personal side of supporting clients and observing their business operations.