Business Intelligence & Reporting with Power BI

Reports tell you what happened, but the best business intelligence software tells you what you really need to know – why it happened.

A strong BI tool will help you;

  • Navigate your data to uncover the reasons behind performance, and use these insights to improve.
  • Identify underperforming areas of the business.
  • Benchmark performance between regions.
  • Perform what-if analysis.
  • Uncover for operational inefficiencies.
  • Pinpoint the most profitable products and customers.

Power BI

Power BI is part of the Office 365 suite by Microsoft.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence and reporting tool by Microsoft that works great with Dynamics NAV.  It connects to a wide range of data sources to allow you to easily create dashboards and reports.

Previously known as Excel PowerPivot, Query and View, it’s evolved into its own product; a hybrid cloud-based service and a desktop-based report builder.

The Dynamics NAV Content Pack for Power BI

Start with Power BI for free
  • Get a head start with Power BI Gold

    We’ve built a suite of reports that cover Finance, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory. These get you up and running with minimal effort.

  • Any visualization

    Leverage the classic visualizations (line, bar, pie) but also bubble, maps, funnel and more. There’s even an ever-growing gallery of custom developed visualizations including networks, waffles, calendars and radars.

  • Any data source

    Combine and mash up data from multiple data sources using protocols such as oData, and from an ever-growing list of cloud services such as MailChimp, Zendesk, Salesforce or Google Analytics.

  • Quick Insights

    Let machine learning do the heavy lifting; Quick Insights will highlight interesting data patterns and trends

  • Ask any question

    Natural language queries such as “Show my 2015 Sales by Brand” will generate a report on-the-fly with the relevant information.

  • Always Fresh

    Monthly updates introduce new features and functionality at a regular pace.