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In today’s dynamic business landscape, data analysis with tools like Power BI, has become more critical than ever. The ability to extract valuable insights from large data sets can be an important factor for success.

When it comes to customizing Power BI for your unique business needs, Fenwick stands as your trusted partner. Leverage Fenwick’s consulting services for training and custom report and dataset development.

Fenwick Gold for Power BI

The Fenwick Gold suite of Power BI reports for Dynamics 365 Business Central provides enhanced reporting features and capabilities that unlock potential in your Business Central data.

Start reporting faster with Fenwick Gold for Power BI, a detailed suite of reports designed to supercharge your Business Central reporting.

Gain actionable insights faster, by using our smartly designed reports powered by our API queries and optimized data models that quickly fetch and visualize your data.

Key Features and Capabilities

Supercharge your data analysis with Fenwick Gold for Power BI. Use its thought-out design to gain deeper insights, drive informed decision-making.

Accelerate Insights with Lightning-Fast API Queries and Granular Data Precision

Fenwick Gold for Power BI’s API queries are optimized to provide faster response times, allowing you to retrieve data with exceptional speed and efficiency. The fine data granularity lets you dive deep into your data and uncover useful insights.

Delight in Clean and Intuitive Reports with Refined Interfaces

Fenwick Gold for Power BI is designed with a focus on delivering a visually appealing and user-friendly report. The refined interfaces provide an intuitive experience. Easily explore your data and that your insights are presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Stay Agile with Mobile-Ready Views for On-the-Go Reporting

With Fenwick Gold for Power BI mobile-ready views, you can access your reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether you’re in a meeting, traveling, or simply away from your desk, you can stay connected and stay informed. Experience the convenience of on-the-go reporting, making sure that you never miss a beat.

Mobile-ready reports from the Power BI Gold suite.

Unlock Time Intelligence with Predefined DAX Measures for Comprehensive Analysis

Fenwick Gold for Power BI comes with a wide range of predefined DAX measures, specifically made to cover various time intelligence scenarios. These measures enable you to perform in depth analysis, such as year-over-year comparisons, cumulative totals, and rolling averages, without the need for complex calculations. Leverage the power of time intelligence to identify trends, patterns, and seasonality within your data.

Seamlessly Adapt to Different Calendars with Multi-Calendar Support

We understand that every business operates on different calendars, such as fiscal year, standard year, and week-based reporting. With Fenwick Gold for Power BI multi-calendar support, you can easily switch between calendar types to align with your organization, regardless of the calendar system you use.

Flexible calendar configuration for Power BI Gold to take into account different fiscal periods.

Experience Best-in-Class Data Models for Optimal Performance

Fenwick Gold for Power BI’s pre-configured data models are designed to follow data modelling best practices. Our models are carefully crafted for performance and improve data integrity. With the solid foundation of these best-in-class data models, you can focus on analyzing your data, knowing that the data structure is robust and reliable.

Well designed data models help analysis of your data with pre-built, logical connections.