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Continia Document Capture is an out of the box, end to end solution for account payable automation, all built into Business Central.

Automate document and invoice handling

You can automate every step of daily invoice processing – from receiving and registering documents to quickly finding them again later for an audit.

Use award-winning OCR tech

All invoices that are sent to you are automatically downloaded, scanned using OCR, and transferred to Business Central. This is a faster and more error free way of handling business documents, and stops mistakes from manual entry or typing.

Smooth approval flow for accounts payable automation

After import, the invoice is sent for approval to you or another member of staff. The approval can be completed at any time either in Business Central or through a web portal. This makes it easy and quick for you to approve wherever and whenever.

No more ring binders or paper prints

The digital archive in Business Central contains all your documents. The archive is easily searched using any text on the documents which makes finding them quick. You won’t need a large office space filled with ring binders since everything can be found in an instant through a quick search.

Work with a trusted partner

Fenwick works with Continia to provide you a first class solution for accounts payable automation built into Business Central.