When you connect your Fenwick Gold for Power BI app to Business Central, you will be asked to authenticate the data source. There are two methods:

OAuth2 Authentication

About OAuth2 authentication with Business Central

  1. Set the Authentication Method to OAuth2
  2. Set Privacy level setting for this data source to Organizational
  3. Click Sign in and connect

Basic Authentication via Web Service Key (LEGACY)

*Basic Authentication is deprecated and no-longer supported by Microsoft-hosted environments.

About Basic Authentication with Business Central

  1. In Business Central navigate to your user card and find the Web Service Access section. Next to the Web Service Access Key field click the ellipsis button (…) to generate a new Web Service Access Key
  2. Click the toggle to enable ‘Key Never Expires’ then click OK
  3. Copy the generated key making sure that you capture the entire key (it will end with an equal sign ‘=’)
  4. Navigate back to the Power BI Service (https://app.powerbi.com) and click ‘Connect your data‘ 
  5. Select Basic as the authentication method
  6. The Username will be your Business Central User Name. The Password will be the Web Service Access Key you generated for that user
  7. Click Sign in and connect