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Category: Anecdotes

Atish Malla

Fenwick in Sydney

A local presence in Sydney makes a big difference. Learn about how Atish Malla, our Sydney Business Lead managed the move from Melbourne.

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Andrew Lang

A Whole New World

Andrew Lang is a Senior Consultant at Fenwick Software. Originally from Brisbane, he has recently ventured back to its sunny climes to open Fenwick’s first interstate branch. Under Andrews leadership, Fenwick Software is excited to expand its internal culture of high-quality service, while providing more on-site support to south-east Queensland clients.

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Thibault Gindre

Bitcoin Madness

Bitcoins provide a conundrum, they are attracting gamblers looking for a quick profit but could play an important role as cryptocurrencies are used for regular trade.

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Building your own PC
Jack Zhang

The Fun of Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC is not as difficult as most people think. There are lots of resources and guides available to help you do the job and gain the satisfaction of pressing the power button for the first time.

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Wrapping up 2016

When the bright coloured trees appear everywhere; red and green colours decorate our streets, buildings and houses; and there is a sense of festivity in

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