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Fenwick Gets an Upgrade

Fenwick has undergone some renovations which are nearing completion and we think that the place is looking pretty good now. Our offices hadn’t changed in the twenty years since we first moved to Southbank in 1997.

You will notice a number of improvements:

  • The reception area has been redesigned and it is now more professional and less cluttered.
  • We trialled some sit/stand desks over the past six months with such success that we have rolled them out across the office. All the staff desks have been upgraded to incorporate sit/stand desks to assist with comfort and ergonomics.
  • The redesign has allowed us to fit more desks into our existing space. We love where we live in Southbank and we wanted to grow older here.
  • We now have five rooms for meetings and presentations, and a new training room with temperature control, soundproof doors and new furniture.

Building owners, Mirvac, have undertaken some significant renovations in the surrounding areas of our building which will look very impressive when complete. However, there is a lot of scaffolding and some temporary entrances while construction continues on the ground floor, so please be patient and allow additional time to find us when you come to visit.

Throughout all these changes some things will never change, our commitment to providing quality consulting services to our customers…and the coffee. We believe our coffee alone is worth dropping in for, so if you are in the area come in and say “Hi” and check out the changes for yourself.

It’s been great to complete “upgrade” works in our 41st year and feel ready to enter the next phase of our growth. A new release of Fenwick—let’s call it Fenwick 4.1!

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