FG28 Interface Controller


The Interface Controller is a central area in NAV for the logging, automation and command of interfaces. The Controller allows you to automatically schedule or manually execute data exchange between NAV and other systems. Success, warning and error logs are kept and can be emailed to interested parties. The original NAV record is only ever a single click away when investigated logged messages.

The Interface Controller can work with an unlimited amount of interfaces and is format-agnostic. It has been successfully used with many technologies: web services, SQL and file exchange (FTP and email). The Interface Controller is the culmination of our experience integrating NAV with countless other business systems, and is the “Gold standard” in managing systems integration.

Integration between systems is often the riskiest part of an IT project. The Interface Controller will help you oversee your business systems interfaces so you can have the confidence they are working correctly. By making system warnings and errors easy to access, the Interface Controller allows you to resolve interface issues quickly. Email notifications allow you to keep oversight over your interfaces even when you are not able to access the NAV client. As your business and integration requirements grow, they can all be administered through the one unified interface.

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