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DIFOT, Delivery in Full, On Time (also known as OTIF, on-time and in-full) keeps track of two important metrics of your supply chain and ensures that your customers get what they want in full and in a timely manner.

Recording delivery data

On shipping or receiving stock, DIFOT automatically records whether it was Delivered In Full and On Time (DIFOT). Delivery data is recorded at a document level, for each shipment and receipt, and at a line level, for each item.

To be considered DIFOT, the Delivery or Receipt must be completed by the required date in one shipment. The completion of the document over two shipments before the required date will not be considered DIFOT.

Capturing the planned vs actual days

DIFOT also lets you capture the planned and actual delivery days on the shipment and receipt documents. This provides an easy way to review delivery performance and identify key improvements in this area.

Additionally, it provides evidence of vendor performance which can be reviewed and responded to as required.

This functionality works across the varying levels of Warehousing (None, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and can accommodate for lead time.

Enforcing requested delivery dates

The Requested Delivery or Receipt Date gives you an indication of when the goods need to arrive at their final destination. This field is a fundamental measure on the shipment and receipt document to track your supply chain performance. DIFOT allows you to set the requested date field as mandatory on sales and purchase orders.