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Field Security Plus enhances fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with several usability and security improvements.


  • Improve security by ensuring users don’t change sensitive data
  • Save users time by highlighting which fields need to be filled-in
  • Improve accuracy by checking that all essential information is filled

Protect important fields

Prevent changes to important fields, for example, the customer credit limit or a vendor bank account. No need to use security filters.

Mandatory fields

Tired of fixing posting errors due to missing data setup? Make sure users fill out required fields. Automatically block Master Data and prevent it being used until it’s resolved.

Lock Default Dimensions

Prevent changes to default dimensions by only allowing certain users to make changes.

Detailed controls

Field Security can be set up at a per-group and per-user level. Shortcuts for “SUPER” allows easy access for your high level users.