Setting Restrictions prevents unauthorized users from changing or clearing a value of fields.

Note: Any signed-in users need to sign out to have the changes take effect and all users must be granted the FSG FS BASIC permission set for restrictions to take effect.

  1. Locate and open the Field Security Setup page via search.
  2. Under Setup, click the Tables button.
  3. Highlight the appropriate table (A), and under Process click the Fields button (B).
  4. Highlight the appropriate field you would like to be restricted.
  5. In the Restricted field, use the drop down button (A) to select how you would like the restriction to be applied, and assist edit button (B) to select which Users/Groups the restrictions should apply to (C).

  6. In the Allow First Entry field, toggle if you would like the first entry of the field to be unrestricted.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each field you would like to be restricted.