Receivables & Payables is an easy-to-use application that provides an overview of outstanding accounts, making it simple to keep track of customer balances and vendor payments. This application streamlines the receivables and payables process that would eliminate the need for switching between screens to find required information.

View outstanding amounts a a glance

The outstanding and overdue amounts are shown as Activities cues on the Finance role centre, allowing the accountants to drill down directly into the overview pages.

The Activities Cue on the Finance Role Centre shows outstanding amounts at a glance

Detailed overview of outstanding balances and payments

With the user-defined buckets, outstanding receivables and payables amounts are split into aging periods which allow statements and outstanding invoices to be resent easily.

Save time and increase efficiency by generating the statement and aging reports that will automatically take the filters from the overview screens and apply onto the option page of the reports.

Accessing transactional information from the overview screens

To quickly identify outstanding payments to the vendors, detailed transactional information can be accessed on the overview screens, allowing the users to drill down into the details and view the list of transactions making up the outstanding balance of each customer.

Providing quick access to additional information

Additional information about the customer or vendor, such as the contact information, bank account details or relevant sales prices and discounts can be accessed from the overview screens.

Internal comments can easily be entered and viewed directly from these screens, and a host of related reports can be run from here.