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Data Integrator for Cloud Storage enables you to interface with your files stored on Microsoft’s Azure Files, directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

First-party middleware

Start developing your data processing app, without having to worry about the logistics of downloading and uploading the data.

It works out of the box with Microsoft-hosted Dynamics 365 Business Central so there’s no need to introduce extra servers, third-party services, or appliances to manage your data integration requirements. 

A direct connection to Azure Files also ensures consistent uptime, without having worry about additional services or middleware.

Enterprise-grade cloud file sharing

Azure Files provides simple and secure file sharing via the industry standard Windows file share (SMB), and the Azure Files REST API. Accessible via a wide range of platforms and integrations, it is an ideal file share service for electronic transfer of trade documents.

Future integration

For a even faster integration into your business, try out Interface Controller.

Interface Controller handles the processing and logging of interface communications within Business Central, and works effortlessly together with all of our Data Integrator apps.