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Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting lets you automatically create component budgets and forecast, save default filters and views on budget overviews, and keep budget and forecast in sync. It also:

  • Ensures your Sales budget and production plan are synchronized.
  • Dramatically reduces manual keying into Production Forecasts.
  • Provides more insight into Production and Purchase Planning.
  • Enables creation of Component forecast by exploding the BOM of budgeted finished goods.
  • Improves sales reporting capabilities.

Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting adds two features to standard Business Central budgeting & planning:

  1. Adds the ability to copy your sales history to create a base for future Item budgets.
  2. Adds a link between a Sales Budget and a Production Forecast (which is used as demand within the Inventory Planning engine) to improve maintenance between both budgets.