Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting can automatically populate the item budgets from prior budget entries or ledger entries, with options to average, compress, and adjust the new values in various ways before being applied.

Start by navigating to the budget overview page, and select Copy Budget…

Specify the required options as detailed below, then select OK.

Copy FromOptions for where the budget is copied from.
SourceSpecifies where budgets entries are copied from.
Budget NameSpecifies the budget name to copy from if Source is Item Budget Entry.
Item FilterSpecifies the items to copy budgets for.
Invt. Posting Grp. FilterSpecifies the inventory posting groups to copy budgets for.
Lot-for-Lot Reordering Policy OnlySpecifies if only items with lot-for-lot reordering policy are copied.
DateSpecifies the date range to copy from.
DimensionSpecifies the dimensions to copy from.
Location FilterSpecifies the locations to copy from.
Copy toOptions for where the budget is copied to.
Budget NameSpecifies where the budget entries are copied to.
Item No.Specifies which item the budgets entries are copied to.
Location CodeSpecifies which location the budget entries are copied to.
ApplyOptions for adjustments to be applied to the new values.
Quantity FactorSpecifies the factor applied to the new quantity.
Rounding MethodSpecifies the rounding method applied to the new quantity and amount values.
Date Change FormulaSpecifies the date formula applied to date field on the new budget entries, as well as applied when calculating averages.
Date CompressionSpecifies how the new budget entries will be compressed.
Budget MethodSpecifies if the quantity and amounts values are averaged on the new budget entries.

The new budget entries will be copied and added to the overview page