Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting allows you to setup the default view and filters for the sales and purchase budget overview pages, greatly increasing usability, as well additional filters for location, inventory posting group, and reordering policy.

Setting up default filters/views for a budget

Navigate to the sales budget or purchase budget page, highlight the budget and select Edit

Adjust the filters and views as required, the following options are exclusive to Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting and not available by standard.

  • Exclude Blocked
  • Show As Lines
  • Show As Columns
  • View By
  • Show Value as
  • Date Filter
  • Item Filter
  • Customer/Vendor Filter
  • Location Filter
  • Inv. Posting Grp. Filter
  • Budget Dim. Filters
  • Global Dim. Filters
  • Lot-for-lot Reordering Policy
NameSpecifies the name of the item budget.
DescriptionSpecifies a description of the item budget.
BlockedSpecifies that the related record is blocked from being posted in transactions, for example a customer that is declared insolvent or an item that is placed in quarantine.
Budget Dimension CodesSpecifies a dimension code for Item Budget Dimension.
Show as LinesSpecifies which values you want to show as lines in the matrix window.
Show as ColumnsSpecifies which values you want to show as columns in the matrix window.
View BySpecifies by which period amounts are displayed.
Show Column NameSpecifies that the names of columns are shown in the matrix window.
Show Value asSpecifies if you want to view the item values by amount or quantity.
Date FilterSpecifies a date filter by which budget amounts are displayed.
Item FilterSpecifies which items to include in the budget overview.
Customer/Vendor FilterSpecifies the filter that applies to the customers/vendors to whom items are sold/bought.
Location FilterSpecifies which locations to include in the budget overview.
Inv. Posting Grp. FilterSpecifies which inventory posting group to include in the budget overview.
Budget Dim. FiltersSpecifies a filter by a budget dimension.
Global Dim. FiltersSpecifies by which global dimension data is shown.
Exclude BlockedSpecifies if blocked record are excluded in the budget overview.
Lot-for-Lot Reordering PolicySpecifies if only lot-for-lot reordered items are included in the budget overview.