By default, your backups are retained for one week in the Fenwick Cloud service. You can extend your backups from the default with a long-term backup to cover any auditing or archival requirements you might have in your business.

Flexibility in the long-term backup schedule

You can preserve a snapshot every week, month, or year. Configurable for up to 10 years of total backup retention.

For example, you might want to keep at least the last seven years of backups, so you can maintain a copy of your database as it was seven years ago.

Auditability of your system

Having old copies of your database allows you to see the “state of play” in your database at a time in the past. This might help with traceability of changes made to the system that have long since left the in-built Change Log of Business Central.

Covers regulatory, compliance, or other business purposes

Whether you need to keep it for legal reasons or need peace of mind, the long-term backup retention will allow you to meet these for up to 10 years of redundancy.

Works on-premises, too

If your Business Central instance is hosted on-premises, then the Off-site backup with Azure solution offers similar retention for on-premises workloads.