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Alerts provides users the ability to subscribe to real-time alerts about critical events in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Users can define custom rules through a simple, streamlined interface, and can select from any record in the database to be tracked and monitored by the system. The user can elect to receive an e-mail, a notification via the system, or even nominate a third party to receive the message instead.

An unlimited number of notifications can be defined, based on your individual requirements. Alerts can be easily be used with any functional area in your system, notifying anyone, even customers or vendors.

Example Alerts

  • Notify users of inventory levels falling below reorder point
  • Send an email to a Customer when the Shipment Date on their order has been changed
  • Send an email to alert the warehouse 7 days before a Purchase Order is Expected
  • Send a warning to Accounts Receivable when a Customer exceeds their credit limit


  • Replaces the need for expensive customisations with a user-friendly interface
  • Improves productivity by ensuring all staff are informed about key moments in their business processes
  • Simplifies the process of communicating with external parties by automating repetitive email message.
  • Enhances decision making by notifying users of critical business events the moment they occur

Alerts provide a framework to let you better respond to business events, allowing you to construct your own tailored messages to suit your individual requirements.