This alert sends a weekly digest of all newly created customers.

This example follows the same steps covered in Creating a new Alert.

  1. From Alert Entries, select Create Alert.
  2. Select the Customer table. The Trigger will be When a New Record is Created
  3. The alert will be created for all new customers. No filters should be entered.
  4. Select who should be notified. See the Change who an alert is sent to guide for options on alert recipient setup.
  5. Select when the alert should be sent. See the How to schedule Alerts guide for options on schedule setup. In this example, When to Send will be Interval – Recurring on a Regular Schedule. 
    • Start Date: The date that alert entries should start being recorded
    • Next Check Date: The first date that alert entries will be sent
  6. Review the settings and select Finish to create the Alert.