Use Alert Entry Fields to select which fields on a table should be monitored for changes. This setup is relevant for Alerts where Trigger is Field Change.

  1. Select the relevant Alert Entry. Click Fields or drill down on the hyperlink in No. of Fields.
  2. Create a record for each field that should be monitored.
Field No.Select a field from the list. Only fields that are setup on the Alert Table will be available in this list. See the Setting Fields available for a table section in this article.
Field NameWill default when the Field No. is selected
Monitor ChangeTick if the field should be monitored for changes.
Alert First ChangeTick if the first change to the field is monitored.For example, when a vendor card is first created a vendor posting group is selected. You may not want an alert for this initial setup.
Include in Email Tick if the field is to be included in the alert email as a table of changes, displaying the original value and the new value. 

Resulting Email