Alerts can be distributed to Business Central users by using details from Customer, Vendor, the triggered table, or directly to an email address.

  1. Locate and open the Alert Entries page via search
  2. Highlight the appropriate Alert Entry and modify the Recipients list as required.
TypeHow the Name and Email are fetched.
Use a Field ValueTick this to fetch the Name and Email by using a field value from the record.
No.If using a field value, select a Recipient Field. See ‘Setting which fields can be used as a recipient’.Otherwise select an entry from the table determined by the Type when applicable (e.g. Customer).
NameIf using a field value, the name of the field.
 Otherwise the name of the recipient.
EmailThe Email address to which the Alert will be sent. 
Send AlertSend an User Alert when the Alert is triggered. This is only available when the Type is User. There may be a My Unread Alerts stack on the user’s role centre or search and open My User Alerts
Send EmailSend an Email when the Alert is triggered.


Below are some examples of how Recipients might be setup.

Example #TypeUse a Field ValueDescription
1UserSelect a specific user from the User list to send the alert and/or email to
2EmailTickedSelect a field from the Alert table to be used to send the email to. See the Setting fields available for a table section in this article 
3EmailUntickedEnter a specific Name and Email address to send the email to.
4User Who TriggersAn Alert and/or email to the user who triggers the alert
5Salesperson/PurchaserTickedAn email is sent to the salesperson/purchaser code from the relevant Alert table. See the Setting fields available for a table section in this article.
NOTE: if the Use a Field Value is unticked in then the No. field will look up to the Salesperson/Purchaser list and a specific code can be selected.
6TeamAn email is sent to all the members in the Team. A Team in Business Central is a group of employees recorded as Salespeople/Purchasers.
7ContactUntickedAn email is sent to a specific Contact from the Contact list.