eBanking Direct Debit adds on features to manage Direct Debit payments and import payment files (.aba) to major Australia and New Zealand banks with ease.

Direct Debit (also known as BECS, Bulk Electronic Clearing System) is an Australian banking standard for transferring funds to and from bank accounts held with Australian and New Zealand banking institutions.

In order to take payments from a customer’s bank account you need both the Bank Branch number (BSB, a six digit code in the format of 000-000) and the account number.

Simpler data setup

Manage the collection of payments straight from a customer’s bank account. We have added new fields on the Customer’s Bank Account card to help facilitate this process.

We’ve also added some extra validation to the bank branch and account number to ensure compatibility and consistency with Australian and New Zealand banks.

Streamline Direct Debit payment collection from customers

Functionality has been added to the Actions bar on the Cash Receipt Journals which include:

  • Generating .aba (Australian Banking Association) files for import into major Australia and New Zealand banks
  • Cancelling any previously generated files
  • Suggesting outstanding customer receipts

Improving payment methods

Financial institutions may charge fees for different payment methods. Direct Debit lets you set up-front bank fees and manage the G/L account where bank fees are posted to in Business Central.

Before charging your customers via Direct Debit, make sure they first complete a Direct Debit Request (DDR) authority form which gives you permission to take payments from their bank account. You can use attachments to store the completed form against the Customer Card.