To enable Direct Debit for your bank account, enter the following details on the Bank Account card in Business Central:

Bank Branch No.Enter the BSB in format xxx-xxx for Australia xx-xxxx for New Zealand.
Bank Account No.Enter your bank account number.
Bank Code

This is a 3-digit code that identifies the financial institution. It must be an approved Financial Institution abbreviation.

Examples: CBA for Commonwealth Bank of Australia, WBC for Westpac, or BWA for Bankwest.
Direct Debit Security No.This is a 6-digit number provided by your bank which identifies individuals and companies approved by financial institutions to use the system. This number is commonly referred to as an APCA Number.

This number is usually 301500 for Commonwealth Bank of Australia and 037819 for Westpac. Please contact your bank to confirm this number if you are unsure.
Direct Debit Security NameEnter the company name as it is defined with the bank. It’s also known as the User Preferred Specification (UPS) as provided by the financial institution.
Direct Debit Remitter NameEnter the remitter name. It’s the reference that is printed on the recipient’s bank statement for manually created transactions.
Direct Debit Balancing Record RequiredTick to indicate if the .aba file is a self-balancing formatted file.
Direct Debit Account TypeThe type of the account.