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Advanced Approvals improves standard approval workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app gives you additional flexibility above standard approvals, and therefore gives you more control over the sales and purchasing processes leading to increased efficiency.

New workflow templates and responses

Advanced Approvals introduces a variety of new templates for better control over important data. These templates include:

  • Vendor Bank Account Approval
  • Item Journal Line and Batch Approvals
  • Block Customer, Vendor, or Item.

This app also integrates new workflow responses to block and unblock master data records on top of standard record restrictions in standard workflow templates.

Improving Approval Limits

Advanced Approvals gives you additional flexibility when configuring approval limits for users. You can set different limits for the same user, depending on the Vendor/Customer, Item, Item Group and/or G/L Account combination entered on the document line.

User Leave Calendar

You can also set up a leave calendar for each employee to define when users will be away. This will ensure users are not allocated documents to approve in their absence.