• Fixed Approval Factbox not showing self approvals on card pages.
  • Requests to Approve cue now drills down to the Approval Entries page.


  • Reworded Substitute tooltip on the Approval User Setup page.


  • Skip approval checks on recurring journal batches and lines.


  • Fixed typo in the Purchases & Payables Setup page.


  • Fixed issue where Block New Customer, Vendor and Item workflow templates keep inserting new workflow steps automatically.


  • Fixed some approval workflow templates not being created.
  • Fixed approval actions not appearing correctly on journal pages.


  • Added assisted setup.
  • Added report to batch update the approval status of Vendor Bank Accounts.


  • Fixed error occurred when a Purchase Invoice is created with recurring purchase lines.


Requires force sync

  • Removed approval FactBoxes from Item Journal Batches page. (Force Sync Required)
  • Added “Approval Status” field to general & item journal lines and batches.
  • Improved line and batch approval processes in the following pages:
    • Item Journals
    • General Journals
    • Physical Inventory Journals
    • Revaluation Journals
    • Item Reclassification Journals
  • Added Approval and Approvers FactBoxes to general & item journal pages. 
  • Moved Approval and Approvers List Factboxes first in the Factbox area across all documents.


  • Improved Approval FactBox showing requestor, approval status, approval chain and more details.  
  • Added “Approvers List” and “Posted Approvers List” Factboxes showing approver name and approval status in list view. 
  • Added Posted Approval Factbox to show approval details on posted documents.
  • Added Approval and Approvers List FactBoxes to the following list and card pages:
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Invoices
    • Sales Credit Memos
    • Sales Quotes
    • Sales Return Orders
    • Posted Sales Invoices
    • Posted Sales Shipments
    • Posted Sales Credit Memos
    • Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Invoices
    • Purchase Credit Memos
    • Purchase Return Orders
    • Purchase Quotes
    • Posted Return Shipments
    • Posted Return Receipts
    • Posted Purchase Invoices
    • Posted Purchase Receipts
    • Posted Purchase Credit Memos
    • Blanket Sales Orders
    • Blanket Purchase Orders
    • G/L Registers
    • Incoming Documents
    • Items
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Item Journals
    • General Journals


  • Replaced “Send Notification Back to Requestor” feature by the standard Notify Sender workflow response.
  • Automatically upgrade and remove “Send Notification Back to Requestor” response from existing workflows and templates when the app upgrades or installs.


  • Improved integration with Advanced Approvals for eBanking Core.
  • Advanced Approvals for eBanking Core: Added approval check for vendor bank account.


  • This version requires eBanking Core for Australia and New Zealand v22.3.231103.2 or later.
  • Updated dependency on eBanking Core for Australia and New Zealand v22.3.


  • Added a checkbox to disable Purchase Approved Tolerance feature on Purchases & Payables Setup.


  • Added GetSuspendedStatusCheck to purchase order approved amount tolerance.
  • Moved process from Gold Base application related to checking the Sales Order’s status upon converting Blanket Sales Order to Order.
  • Moved process from Gold Base application related to checking the Sales Order’s status upon Blanket Order lookup on purchase order and sales order cards.


  • Added GetSuspendedStatusCheck to purchase order approved amount tolerance.

22.3.230804.6 / 19.2.230804.3

  • Fixed Approved Tolerance Limit triggered incorrectly when posting Purchase Orders with prepayments.


  • Upgraded app to v22.
  • Fixed approval delegation not passing Approver ID correctly.
  • Automatically generates “Calendar Entry Source No.” for the selected user when setting “Leave Base Calendar Code” on the Approval User Setup page.
  • Advanced Approvals for eBanking Core,
    Advanced Approvals for Australia:
    • Upgraded connector to v22.


  • Added temporary record check before delegating approval entries.


  • Updated approval delegation feature to subscribe toOnBeforeInsertEvent event in the Approval Entry table.


  • Fixed approval entries check still triggered TestStatusOpen with purchase tolerance enabled.
  • Updated approved tolerance amounts to show better error text for local and foreign currency.
  • Fixed automatic substitution when the original approver is unavailable and delegating to additional substitutes.


  • Added status restrictions to SWIFT Code, IBAN, Bank Clearing Code, and Bank Clearing Standard.
  • Exposed FSG_AA_CheckStatusOpen function on Vendor Bank Account for adding status restrictions to custom fields.


  • Fixed incorrect approval delegation for approval admins.


  • Added notification to remind the user to install the eBanking and/or AU connector if the environment requirements are met.


  • Added approval forwarding: Delegate approval entries to a selection of substitutes.
  • Added approval overview: View and approve documents directly from the approval entries page.


  • Fixed vendor/customer blocked options visibility on Workflow Response Options.


  • Check Recipient Bank Account’s approval status instead of Customer/Vendor Bank to make app compatible with W1 release.
  • Advanced Approvals for Australia: (NEW)
    • Check Customer/Vendor Bank’s approval status for Australian release only.


  • Updated tooltips.
  • Added Australian translations.
  • Advanced Approvals for eBanking Core: (NEW)
    • This app requires eBanking Core 17.1.221125.3 or later.
    • Checks Vendor Bank Account approval status when generating EFT file on Payment Journals.


  • Promoted Approval actions to Process.


  • Updated app brief and description.
  • Added license checks.
  • Added test suite.


  • Initial release.
  • Vendor Bank Account approval.
  • Item Journal approval.