Advanced Approvals added new workflow responses to block and unblock Vendor records to the default Vendor Approval Workflow template.

  • When an approval of a vendor is requested, the workflow will automatically block the vendor.
  • When an approval request is approved, the workflow will automatically unblock the vendor.

Options for blocking Vendors as part of a workflow

The Blocked options for Block Vendor workflow response can be set on the Workflow Response Options part.

PaymentAll payment transactions with the vendor cannot be processed.
AllAll transactions with the vendor cannot be processed.

Using the Block & Unblock Vendor responses in a workflow

To add the Block / Unblock Vendor response to a workflow:

  1. Create a new workflow from template.
  2. Edit the workflow and select the Then Response column under Workflow Steps.
  3. In Workflow Responses page, drill down on Then Response field.
  4. Select Block / Unblock Vendor from the workflow responses list.
  5. Set a Blocked option for the response.

Using a Workflow Template to automatically block a Vendor on creation

Advanced Approvals includes a new template to block a Vendor when created. The new template can be found under Purchases and Payables section on the Workflow Templates page.