Advanced Approvals adds new workflow responses to block and unblock Item records to the default Item Approval Workflow template.

  • When an approval of a item is requested, the workflow will automatically block the item.
  • When an approval request is approved, the workflow will automatically unblock the item.

Using the Block & Unblock Item responses in a workflow

To add the Block / Unblock Item response to a workflow:

  1. Create a new workflow from a template.
  2. Edit the workflow and select the Then Response column under Workflow Steps.
  3. In Workflow Responses page, drill down on Then Response field.
  4. Select Block / Unblock Item from the workflow responses list.

Using a Workflow Template to automatically block an Item on creation

Advanced Approvals includes a new template to automatically block an Item on creation. The template can be found under Sales and Marketing section on the Workflow Templates page.