Multi-factor Authentication is a way to help improve the security of your system against attackers. Dynamics 365 Business Central is the core of your business, so you need to put some of the best controls in place to help guard and prevent unauthorized access.

Multi-factor authentication works by asking the user during the sign-in process for another form of identification. For example, to enter a code on their mobile or to scan their fingerprint.

Authenticate when working remotely

If your system is accessible while away from the office, you’ll want to ensure Multi-factor Authentication is enabled. This will help verify access with an added layer of protection from locations outside your main office, whether it be while in-transit, or a salesperson on the move.

To learn more about how it works you can read the Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication documentation.

Supports multiple factors & biometrics

Protect your instance using the Microsoft Authenticator app, whether you’re hosting Business Central on-premises or in the cloud. You can use a fingerprint, face scan or other biometric options on your device to help verify access.

Access is verified either via Phone Call, Mobile SMS or notification via the Microsoft Authenticator app. It’s available on iOS and Android.