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Advanced Prepayments builds on the standard prepayment workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing additional options for editing and viewing prepayment information on sales and purchasing documents, increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Prepayments require your customers to submit payment before you ship an order to them, or if your vendor requires you to submit payment before they ship an order to you.

Increased flexibility with fixed prepayment amounts

With this app you can now also set a fixed amount to help cover more prepayment business situations. This extends on using percentages for prepayment which is available by standard.

Easily make changes to prepayment values on multiple lines at once using Bulk Update Prepayment.

Improved product posting group retrieval

Make sure your VAT/GST values are calculated correctly while avoiding a complex General Posting Setup. Advanced Prepayments uses the VAT/GST Product Posting Group from the Document Line rather than inheriting it from the Prepayment G/L Account which helps remove the need for multiple prepayment accounts.

Avoid the mental math with glanceable prepayment figures

immediately know how much you still need to invoice as a prepayment on sales and purchase orders with the new Prepayment Amount to Invoice field.

Our new Prepayments FactBox gives you useful figures at hand including the amount invoiced, the amount to invoice, the tax amount, and the total amount on your sales or purchase documents.

Simply update the prepayment amount without a credit

Made a mistake? No worries. Advanced Prepayments allows you to simply update and re-post. By standard if you had already posted a sale or purchase, you would need to credit and re-create the prepayment.