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Standard functionality handles “Expected Cost” posting of inventory items and manages the accrual processing associated with it. However, you will find that you need to code to non-inventory items or services where a G/L account is used, rather than an inventory item.

In these situations, the G/L account is only affected when the purchase invoice is posted, not at the receipt stage. While the invoice may be processed on the same day as the receipt, it is common for several days or weeks to lapse between to the two steps. When this timeframe crosses a financial period-end, you will have to process accrual journals.

This timing issue led us to develop this granule, which allows you create an accrual entry at the time of receipting. Thus, removing the need for additional journals and improving the month-end accounting process.

You won’t have to run additional reports to identify the non-inventory purchases, making the completion of your period-end financial reporting easier.