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EasyDispatch is a real-time, visual drag and drop dispatching solution that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV and enwis.

Visual Scheduling

See which jobs are allocated to which vehicles, and quickly allocate ad-hoc jobs in the correct sequence, to the correct vehicle.

Optimise your fleet

Utilise vehicles to their maximum capacity. Plan for weeks in advance, so you can see available capacity at the earliest possible moment.


Visualise and adjust your allocations with native integration of Google Maps.

International Support

Easily translated. Dynamic captioning automatically updates the interface for any language.

How do I use EasyDispatch?

EasyDispatch is accessed via any compatible web browser.

Your dispatchers are licensed separately to Dynamics 365 Business Central, and do not need to access the system directly to view and update vehicle allocations.

Data synchronises real-time with Dynamics 365 Business Central allowing you to have multiple dispatchers operating across multiple sites, who will see live updates when changes are made in a different location.