With our integration, orders placed by Netstock Inventory Management are seamlessly synced from Netstock into Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Netstock is an inventory management and forecasting solution that helps you place orders and optimise stock levels. The integration to Business Central lets you further streamline the inventory management process and keep up with demand.

Import, process and create orders, while keeping tracking of progress and irregularities with comprehensive logging, all within Business Central.

Automatically create Purchase, Production, and Transfer Orders

Automatically create orders from Netstock to restock inventory across your network. We support all orders recommended by Netstock using its data-driven inventory policies.

Import from any storage solution

Our integration allows you to import Netstock files from any storage solution supported by our Data Integrator suite of apps, including Secure FTP (SFTP) and Cloud Storage.

Keep track of your orders, every step of the way

Utilising Interface Controller, every step of the order import and creation process is logged. Any errors or irregularities are recorded and reported on the Job Queue, Role Centre and even via Email, so you can perform the corrective actions as soon as possible.