Advanced Inventory is a collection of enhancements and automation for Inventory Picks and Put-aways, Item synchronisation, and much more.

Automated and improved Inventory Picks and Put-aways

Streamline your order and warehouse process by having Inventory Picks and Put-aways created automatically on release of the source document.

Additionally, ensure consistent data on your documents with the following:

  • Check Complete Shipping Advice on a per Location basis.
  • Navigate with better links between Inventory Picks and Put-Aways and source documents.
  • Automatically sync Shipment/Expected Dates between source and warehouse documents.
  • Setup default Shipping Advice for Sales and Transfer Orders.

Item Synchronisation

Reduce data entry and inconsistencies when setting up items with Vendor Item Catalogue syncing on Items and SKUs, as well as syncing Item GTIN to Item References. Item weights and volumes are synced with Gross Weight and Unit Volume to avoid double entry, and Pallet configuration is synced between Items and Units of Measure.

Inventory Data at a glance

Easily reconcile your interim G/L Accounts with detailed reports for Items Received not Invoiced and Items Shipped not Invoiced.

View Item Sales and Purchase history from the Item, Customer, Vendor, and Document pages. Get an overview of Physical Inventory Orders with Item Tracking and Quantity breakdown.

Leverage additional Item Ledger Entry Quantities by Weight, Transaction Unit of Measure, Sales Unit of Measure, and Purchase Unit of Measure.

Improved Document Dates

Make planning easier with improved document dates, including seeing the immediate effect of Shipping Time and Shipment Dates, and setting default Shipping Time on Ship-to Addresses. Purchase Header Dates can be calculated the same as Purchase Lines, allowing you to compare Planned Dates and Expected Dates at the Header level.

Prevent Dimension Error on Item Posting

Streamline posting of Item Charge and Adjust Item Costs by automatically assigning the dimension from the Item to the journal line.

Create Basic Warehouse Locations

Create Warehouse Locations with Bin Mandatory without Directed Pick and Put-Away for simpler warehousing setups.

Advanced Item Charges

You can now assign Item Charges by Quantity, as well as use Item Unit of Measure Weight and Volume instead of values from the document line.