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Within standard Business Central, the stock value being written off can be difficult to pinpoint as the stock adjustment accounts are differentiated by the General Product Posting Group only. As this impacts directly on your “bottom line”, we have developed functionality that allows you to manage multiple inventory adjustment accounts in the G/L more easily.

When processing a credit note for damaged or missing stock, Stock Write Offs will automatically credit and negatively adjust your inventory.

A mandatory Reason Code can be set for any negative stock adjustment, with the Reason Codes mapped to the corresponding stock adjustment accounts. Alternatively, you may only want to differentiate between physical stocktake adjustments and other type of stock adjustments.

The chance of errors is eliminated as you don’t need to process a separate item journal after posting your credit note for damaged or missing stock, which results in improved processing times.

This app will improve traceability of write offs within your financials, eliminating the need for additional reports.