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Ship-It combines with Pack-It as the ultimate dispatching duo.

Control your freight transport and shipping operations from pick-up to final delivery, all within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Ship-It is designed to optimize your logistics operations and enhance overall efficiency. Whether you’re a small business shipping a few packages, or a large enterprise managing complex supply chains.

Works with multiple Ship-It providers

We have integrations with leading freight management systems in Australia. Through shared expertise, we’ve worked with several shipping providers to give you in an all-in-one solution to manage your freight.

Action all freight operations directly from familiar Business Central documents

Easily create, track, and manage freight orders directly from a Sales Order, Inventory Pick, Posted Sales Shipment, and Posted Inventory Pick for a seamless packing experience.

View a diverse range of carrier options to cater for all customers

Connect with multiple carriers to compare rates and transit times, enabling you to select the best option for each shipment using our Compare Shipping Options page. Ship-It will sort your shipping options based on the fastest, cheapest or a specific carrier to help you decide your preferences or specific needs.

Complete visibility and tracking of your shipments

Gain real-time visibility into your shipments throughout the entire lifecycle of the transportation process. Leveraging on Ship-It’s tracking systems, all updates on shipment location, delivery times, and potential delays can all be displayed using our Track-It page.

Take full control over your label printing process

List your printers in Ship-It to send all your labels to the printer of your choice.