Ship-It combines with Pack-It as the ultimate dispatching duo.

Once goods are packed, Ship-It provides a one stop shop for choosing a suitable carrier to deliver items.

Ship-It integrates with Business Central to gather all the necessary information for dispatch. This includes shipping preferences such as default service, carrier, billing options, as well as the weight and dimension of the goods.

Ship-it With

We’ve partnered with SmartFreight to give users an easy way to communicate to carriers.

How does it work?

Once a user has selected the options for dispatch, they press the ‘Ship-It’ button. A Consignment Number confirms the service selected with the carrier and a shipment label automatically prints to be attached to the goods. Once the carrier arrives to collect, they locate the item with the right package number, scan it and ultimately deliver it.

Simplify trading with multiple carriers

Easily trade with multiple carriers using various shipping methods. Each carrier has a different format for their shipment label. Ship-It automatically generates the correct labels from the same printer in each carrier’s unique format.

Suit internal shipping preferences

See the pros and cons of each carrier such as delivery time, cost, and types of packages allowed in one view. Easily pick the most suitable option for delivery.