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Ruby Usman

The Cost of Saying Yes

In many cases when ERP projects are initiated, clients may have a few strategic or market imperatives that drive the implementation decision. In these situations,

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Thibault Gindre

Dynamics NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 comes with some powerful and useful new functionality. In this blog post Thibault Gindre takes a look at some of the key features of this new release of NAV…

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Steve Langmaid

Allow Time for the Unexpected

Like lots of aspects of life, projects are not completely predictable. Steve Langmaid discusses some of the challenges and options to deliver those projects that “we must have by Christmas”…

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Sam Kosky

Working From Home

Working From Home (WFH) – does it provide benefits for both the employee and employer? Fenwick consultant Sam Kosky takes a look at the pros and cons of WFH, whether it suits everyone, and when it can work best…

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Peter R Hill

The United Nations of Fenwick

Fenwick’s primary asset is its people and culture. Its team of consultants includes people from a dozen countries and lots of different backgrounds, but all working in the same way and with the same objective – to deliver business benefits to our clients…

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Peter Fenwick

A Really Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technologies have the potential to create new patterns and completely transform current norms. Peter Fenwick discusses the impacts of disruptive technologies and points us to the excellent article by Patrick Byrne on the powerful uses that can (will) be made of the Bitcoin technology…

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Ruby Usman

Mirror Neurons in Consulting

Empathy plays a major role when it comes to building any relationships. Ruby Usman explores the role of empathy in business and uses research to show how it impacts longevity and success of any organisation…

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Greg Galloway

Celebrating Failures

Mistakes and failure are part of life. “if you don’t make a mistake you won’t make anything.” Fenwick CEO, Greg Galloway, discusses celebrating failure in an environment of collaboration and support…

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