Ruby Usman

Mirror Neurons in Consulting

Empathy plays a major role when it comes to building any relationships. Ruby Usman explores the role of empathy in business and uses research to show how it impacts longevity and success of any organisation…

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Narada Ellis

Powerful Operational Systems Based on NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be a lot more than a back office system. Narada Ellis reveals some of the clever add-on systems that work with NAV to provide powerful operational functionality and deliver business benefits and competitive advantage…

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Greg Galloway

Celebrating Failures

Mistakes and failure are part of life. “if you don’t make a mistake you won’t make anything.” Fenwick CEO, Greg Galloway, discusses celebrating failure in an environment of collaboration and support…

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Atish Malla

Ever-Changing World of Payroll Legislations

“SuperStream,” it might sound like the name of a corporate jet but it’s not that glamorous, it’s the requirement for all superannuation payment details provided by employers to Superannuation Funds to be done via an electronic file. The deadline is close. Atish Malla explains its impact and how to comply…

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Andrew Lang

Get it Right the First Time

Rushing to deliver urgently needed functionality can come with a high price as it compromises the quality of the total solution that will eventually be delivered. Andrew Lang discusses the impact of meeting the “I must have it now” requirement…

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