Microsoft Dynamics NAV holds a wealth of information to help you run your business, however retrieving this information in a timely fashion to make fast decisions is not always easy. To make NAV more proactive we have added a feature where the system issues alerts when defined conditions occur. You may, for example, want to do one or more of the following:

  • Notify users of inventory levels falling below reorder point
  • Send an e-mail to a Customer when the Shipment Date on their order has changed
  • Send an e-mail to alert the warehouse seven days before a Purchase Order is Expected
  • Send a warning to Accounts Receivable when a Customer exceeds a credit limit

The Fenwick Gold Granule Advanced Notifications provides users with the ability to define the real-time alerts that they want from the system. No modifications to NAV are required. Users can elect to receive an e-mail, a notification through NAV, or nominate a third party to receive the message.

Defining the rules for the alerts is easy using the streamlined interface. You can select any record in the database to be tracked and monitored by the system with an alert issued when certain conditions occur.

Advanced Notifications provides a tool to let your business better respond to business events. You construct your own tailored messages to suit your business needs. Productivity is improved because staff are alerted to important business activities. Communication with staff members, customers, and other external parties is simplified and guaranteed by the automatic process. Decision making is improved as users are informed of critical business situations as they happen.

Just one timely notification could save, or make, a significant amount of money.

Written By Brad Foot

Brad joined Fenwick Software as a NAV consultant in February 2002 after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology degree at Swinburne University. He spent time in Germany working with NAV partner agiles on their workflow software before returning to Fenwick. Brad is a Principal Consultant and Fenwick Software’s Quality Manager. He is also Product Manager for the Fenwick Gold suite of granules that provide additional functionality to NAV.


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