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Brad Foot

Fenwick Gold v3.0 – The Launch

Brad Foot watched the Introducing Apple Watch Video and just couldn’t help himself. If he tires of being the Gold Product Manager at Fenwick he might get a job in marketing at Apple. He’s now looking for a way to incorporate a Digital Crown and Linear Actuator into Fenwick Gold. Read and smile…

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Fenwick Warehouse Management Solution
Peter R Hill

Go-Live is the Start, Benefit Realisation is the Finish

The pressure and workload involved in introducing a new ERP system, achieving go-live and a system that is working day to day, may, justifiably, be the cause of great relief or preferably, celebration. And that’s fair enough. But getting the system up and running is only the first step…

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Brad Foot

To Approve or Not to Approve

Brad Foot, Principal Consultant and Quality Manager at Fenwick Software, explains the newest addition to Fenwick Gold modules – Advanced Approvals. This new module extends NAV approvals functionality in a way that’s much more suited to today’s business needs…

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Andrew Lang

A Guide to Document Localization

More and more systems have to operate across multiple countries involving many languages. Andrew Lang explains what is involved in delivering the best result for the client when faced with the translation of forms and documents…

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Andrew Ferguson

SQL Database Backups

Backup is like insurance, you might begrudge the cost but only until the day you need it. Andrew Ferguson provides practical advice on levels of backup that will avoid a business crisis in the case of a disaster…

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