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To Approve or Not to Approve

That is the question that many of our clients are faced with when Purchase Orders are being placed or Sales orders need to be entered when a Customer is over Credit.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has Document Approvals functionality that allows rules to be set up where orders cannot continue until Approval by all relevant approvers has been done. This allows for what is normally done with stamps and signatures on a piece of paper to be formalised and tracked without paper within the system.

We have found over the years that many clients require more flexibility to give them greater control and further streamline the approval process. So we have created our latest Fenwick Gold Module FG31 Advanced Document Approvals. It has the following functionality:

  • Do not allow Printing of Purchase order until approval is complete
  • Allow changing of approved Purchase Order amount within a Tolerance % defined by User
  • Set up detailed Approval limits by G/L Account, Customer, Vendor, Item and Item group
  • Send approval to Multiple Approvers at once and have document approved after one approver approves
  • Auto Delegation of Approval using Leave Calendars
  • Email Requester once approved
  • Approved status fields on Purchase and Sales Orders

If any of this functionality excites you then do not hesitate to get in touch and your approval process can be advanced in no time.

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