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Special Challenges of Collecting Household Waste

One of the most specialized areas of waste and recycling is the one people are most familiar with – the regular household collection service managed by their local council and typically outsourced to a specialized waste management company. This seemingly simple service has quite a few complications that make it difficult for most ERP systems to handle efficiently.

For starters, there is the sheer number of locations that need to be serviced – a typical council may have over 50,000 different addresses.

Then there is the varying number and type of waste and recycling bins used by the various councils – two, three and four bin systems are in use, all with different collection frequencies, plus the different hard rubbish collection options.

Councils also have a wide variety of key performance and statistical information that they require from their service provider, such as details of contaminated or overloaded bins, damaged bins, weights, volumes and compaction rates for collected materials, plus typical statistics, such as average call response times, from the customer call centre.

enwis) public is a unique solution to these complexities that extends the standard enwis) commercial system with additional features to cater for municipal waste operations, while retaining full integration with Dynamics NAV.

To efficiently handle the large number of addresses within a municipality, enwis) public automatically separates the municipal locations from the normal commercial locations.

For councils that require full tracking and accountability, enwis) public can track each bin using RFID tags and record the weight of each bin when it is emptied.

Using the enwis) municipal tour calendar, the system allows customer service staff to easily see what collections are scheduled for each area over the next twelve months, making it simple to arrange special pick-ups for bulky or green waste.

With modern collection equipment, and now advanced computer systems like enwis) public, today’s collection of household waste is a far cry from the days of bin-men running alongside a truck while emptying the contents of a single metal bin.

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