Using a Weighbridge to Reduce Risk & Improve Profit

Tracking waste material movements is becoming more important as governments add more waste management regulations and controls. A number of recent illegal waste storage incidents have attracted wide media coverage.

More companies are now using weighbridges to track material entering and leaving sites, and weighbridge tickets are essential when a site must report landfill levy data.

enwis is one of the few software products which provides a fully-integrated weighbridge that links directly into a company’s operational and financial data.

Integration of the weighbridge with operational and financial systems reduces errors and simplifies processes:

  • Customer balances can be checked in real time, ensuring that customers who have been suspended, for whatever reason, can be stopped from entering the site. In the case of delinquent debtors this reduces the risk of further debt exposure
  • Customers’ balances are updated as soon as tickets are posted. This reduces the credit risk
  • Payments received at the weighbridge are automatically posted to the customer. This reduces their liability in real time
  • Weighbridge transactions are priced using the prices in the finance/operations system. This reduces or removes issues that result from incorrect prices quoted by weighbridge operators
  • The enwis weighbridge function integrates with Fenwick’s EasyDispatch job allocation board and MobileWaste electronic run-sheet. This speeds up the process at the weighbridge as some job-related information can be automatically populated rather than entered by the weighbridge operator
  • Integration of the weighbridge with operational and financial systems removes the need to build an interface between the weighbridge system, operations system and finance system

Using a weighbridge which is integrated with a company’s systems significantly reduces the risk of contravening legal obligations while at the same time reducing bad debts, ensuring accurate pricing and improving weighbridge efficiency.

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